A downloadable game

NO LONGER AVAILABLE... check out Cemetery Sprint (the new version of this game)

My cat was being a jerk the other night and kept us up. I ended up making this dumb game (that still kinda can get me into a flow state). Sincwe then it has been updated with with online leaderboards and 3D art by Mitchell Ford.

Move Left/Right and don't run into stuff...

  • A/D
  • Left/Right Arrows
  • Left Stick on Dual Shock PS4 controller
  • Left Stick on XBox 360 controller
  • Middle Mouse button - toggle mouse controls

Working on an "actual" hobby project with a friend also always making little games and music - nights and weekends kinda thing. Follow me if interested in more on that: @devjana on twitter.

Published May 22, 2015